Endeavour Capital is an independent corporate advisory firm specialising in providing solutions to smaller and middle-market Australian companies.

Business Sales

At Endeavour Capital, we understand that the process of selling your business can be both exciting and daunting at the…

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Corporate Advisory

Endeavour Capital are specialists in facilitating mergers, acquisitions and other complex corporate transactions.

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Exit Ready

The success of family businesses are often linked to the owner’s knowledge and passion. Being exit ready involves…

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Business Valuations

We are experts in answering that all important question for many smaller and mid market businesses “So how…

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But my accountant said my business is worth $…..

With Haloween out of the way, it got me thinking about scary business events.  As someone who sells and values businesses, one of those scary business events is when a potential client says “My accountant said my business is worth $***** [insert grossly inflated figure]”…

Do not sell your business, treat it as an investment

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Many baby boomer business owners maybe considering what to do with their business after their retirement and many do not want to retire. We suggest that more business owners consider keeping their business rather than selling it. Superior potential investment return If you own a…