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Endeavour Capital forms an alliance with Jamieson Corporate Services

Mid-market corporate advisory firm, Endeavour Capital, has announced an alliance with fellow advisory firm, Jamieson Corporate Services. Endeavour Capital and Jamieson Corporate Services joined forces to provide our clients with additional depth and breadth of capabilities. Jamieson Corporate Services was established in 1987 and specialises in business sales, mergers and acquisitions valued between $0.5 -$30 […]

Do you own a business or does it own you?

  One of the reasons that business owners go into business is to have a greater control over their own destiny.  However, the reality of business ownership is often the opposite – rather than owning the business, the business ends up owning you.   The business can own you by Demanding excessive workloads Preventing you […]

But my accountant said my business is worth $…..

With Haloween out of the way, it got me thinking about scary business events.  As someone who sells and values businesses, one of those scary business events is when a potential client says “My accountant said my business is worth $***** [insert grossly inflated figure]” My approach is to ask for a copy of the […]